DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Kaden and Evan
Studio: Active Duty

After some chit-chat, I turn them loose on each one more. They start out with a erotic, hot kiss as Evan rubs and admires Kadens sexy flesh, all the while stroking Kadens rock harsh cock through his shorts. In no time flat Evan has Kadens harsh cock out of his and in his lustful, sweet muzzle, worshipping it as Kaden pulls off Evans shirt and begins running his hand down the back of Evans shorts, playing with his pretty little asshole. Kaden has trained his little recruit perfectly as we watch him serving Kadens python like a pro. Kaden in conclusion gets Evan out of his shorts and starts tugging on Evans fierce python through his boxer briefs that quickly come off to reveal a super fierce dick with a beautiful curve to it. Kaden is Hasty to return the pleasant attention to Evans dick that Evan paid to his.
The Movie cam Is Forgotten …
Kaden turns Evan around on his hands and knees and spreads that pretty pink hole open and tongues and finger bangs it for a bit as he also licks and sucks Evans python. The site of Evans erotic little asshole acquires Kaden all riled up as he slaps his heavy dick on it and carries on to lick and tongue it. All the while Evan is stroking his severe cock and reaching back to caress Kadens constricting body. These two are wholly in the moment. Theyve forgotten all about the camera and were like flies on the wall witnessing a gorgeous love-making session between these two ladies.
Evans Booty Is Excellent …
Evan finds himself on his hands and knees another time with Kadens tongue and finger in his butt. Its obvious that hes on fire and ready for Kaden to mount his booty and take it for a ride. Kaden saddles up and moves in, slowly burying his hard penis deep in Evans stern little asshole. The bawls that Evan lets out tell the story. Hes acquiring exactly what he wants as Kaden goes balls deep in his anal and fills him full of sexual cock. Evans own python is bouncing in the breeze as Kaden hits that prostate over and over. Evans butt is so small and constricting that Kadens manmeat looks massive going in and out of it. Kaden directs his little star to sit on his cock and Evan does just that. Now this is actually rousing to watch and Evans constricting hole stretches to accommodate Kadens intense cock. You can literally see it stretching out as he sits all the way down on it. Kaden flips Evan over on his back and lasts to plow him deep as Evan strokes his own serious meat. It looks as if Evan might shoot his wad any minute, but his turn is next so he holds off.
Kaden Finds The Spot …
A long, wet kiss precedes whats coming next as they jerk their pythons together, enjoying the moment before Evan slides his manmeat deep into Kadens butt as Kaden throws his legs back to give Evan complete access. Evan slides his dick in and out of Kadens hole, bang him slowly as Kaden strokes his extreme python and takes the fucking like a champ. Evan pulls Kaden to the side of the bed and stands and delivers his fierce dick deep in Kadens asshole as Kaden strokes himself fast and furiously. Evan finds the right spot and keeps hitting it as Kaden reaches his climax and blows his burden all over his stomach. Evan keeps the pace and keeps slamming his manmeat in and out of Kaden, working himself up to cum. He lands his weight right in there with Kadens and the juices mix jointly like a great blend of hotness.

Format: avi
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DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Kaden and Evan DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Kaden and Evan
DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Kaden and Evan DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Kaden and Evan

DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Kaden and Evan
File size: 470.3 MB

DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: gays Kaden and Evan

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