“DREAMS OF LEATHER 2″ has met the challenge of being a love, mystery, violence and sex thriller. Each shot of this picture that has won countless awards breaks every taboo possible and will free your most perverse impulses. A film you’ll never forget!

Starring: Tabatha Cash, Julia Chanel, Deborah Wells, Maeva, N’ J’ de Bahia, Eva Blue, Joyce, Natacha Borisovna, Nathalie, Olive, Valy Verdy, Roberto Malone, Sergio Demon, Alberto Rey as Alberto, Alain Dumaurier, Gerard Pujol, Eugene Fondier, Jack Stricker, Roland, Christophe, David

Reves de Cuir 2 (1993)



For your sake I hope that your Camry’s wiring didn’t get damaged, as replacing wiring harnesses gets very expensive very quickly.

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