My work reflects the work on my models,” boasts Sketch, the title character in The Erotic Artist, and though we never actually see his work, the “work” of his five nympho models goes on display quicker than you can say “orgy”
A bit of business about a shy model is all the plot to be found here and, if you blink, you’re apt to miss even that. But so what, right? In the words of one of the actors, what we’ve got here is “just the usual fuckin’ and suckin’.”
Now and then the Erotic Artist is seen sketching one of the many “two-backed beasts” sprawled around his studio, but rest assured: at no time is Art allowed to interfere with the “modeling,” which is virtually non-stop in the early ’70s trip XXX-travaganza. The dialogue is pure colloquial Porno-ese, punctuated by raucous sucking sounds which the Deviate at first mistook for either Bronx cheers or farts.
A young Ric Lutze is on hand to show off his thespian skills and the gals – oh-la-la!- are all familiar faces (as well as some other parts) from Bucky’s loops with some even destined for stardom in such classics as Sex in the Comics and Uschi’s Hollywood Adventure.
Bless them all, the long and the short and the tall.

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Sandra Henderson, Tony Deluca
Scene 2. brun, Tricia Opal
Scene 3. Nora Wieternik, Elliot March
Scene 4. Rebecca, Henry Ferris
Scene 5. Cleo O’Hara, Jim Frost
Scene 6. Cleo O’Hara, Nora Wieternik, Tricia Opal, Jim Frost
Scene 7. Nora Wieternik, Tricia Opal, Henry Ferris
Scene 8. Tricia Opal, Rick Lutze
Scene 9. brun, Elliot March
Scene 10. Sandra Henderson, Rick Lutze, Tony Deluca
Scene 11. Rebecca, Tricia Opal, Henry Ferris, Tony Deluca
Scene 12. Nora Wieternik, Rick Lutze
Scene 13. Nora Wieternik, Jim Frost

The Erotic Artist 1971.Avi



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