19 Years Young Escort Girl
Starring Daniella Rose!

Discover the incredible life of Daniella, a beautiful young 19-year-old student who becomes an escort for fun. While still only students, Daniella and her friend Claire, driven by their mutual desire and curiosity, shared incredible sexual experiences. Since then, they have gradually understood that they can combine money and fun with increasingly sexual adventures. With each encounter with strangers, the pleasure keeps growing… And they love it!
Pornstars:  Daniella Rose, Peter, Pascal Saint James, Pascal White, Vanda Lust, David, John, Tom Cruiso, Anita Vixen, Gina Blond, Teo, Jean Pallett

I mean, it’s not like self-identified straight people have ever raped and killed children, is it, Pete and friends? Should we use the thousands of cases of straight people abusing and killing children in order to argue against the heterosexual lifestyle? But then again, my side of the culture war has integrity.

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